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Windscreen Wiper blade replacement


What is a wiper blade and how it works?

A wiper consists of a swivel arm with a long rubber blade. Powered by the wiper motor, the blade tilts over the glass windscreen, removing dirt and improving visibility. Wiper blades are made up of rubber and get damaged with the sun and other factors, preventing the blades from doing their job.

What are the common symptoms of worn wiper blade?

Can I drive with the worn or faulty windscreen wipers? 

Your wipers are responsible for the view from your windscreen. When you pull the lever on your steering column, the rubber wiper blades pass through your windscreen and removes any water or debris that has collected on the glass.

If your wiper blades break or worn, the wipers cannot clean your windscreen. If you drive in the rain, your vehicle will not be able to draw water from the windscreen and you will have almost no visibility, which makes driving very dangerous. So its better to call a professional mechanic and get your wipers fixed.

wiper blade

How much does it cost to replace wiper?

The cost of a wiper replacement depends on the vehicle's make and model, please type in your car registration at the top of the page to find out the exact cost on your car. On average the windscreen wiper replacement cost is between £50 to £70 depending upon the size of the wiper blade.


Following are the statistics of Windscreen Wiper blade replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Renault Clio £ 74.98