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Windshield Washer Reservoir Replacement


What is the Function of Windshield Washer Reservoir?

Windshield washer is there in your car for a very simple yet extremely imperative purpose. The driver must always have 100% visibility. He should be able to see the road clearly without any obstruction on the windshield.

A dirty windshield constricts the driver’s view. If the driver is not able to see the road clearly, it is dangerous not just for the driver and the passengers in the car but also for the ones on the road. The windshield washer reservoir stores the fluid that is sprayed on the front window to clean it of any dust or debris causing the obstruction. The windshield washer reservoir is typically made of white, semi-transparent, and strong plastic material, and most of the time will have a black cap or a plastic cap of some other color.

The make and the model of the car you drive decides the capacity of the fluid reservoir present under your hood. In most of the cars, the reservoir can hold 1 to 1.5 gallons.

What Do Expert’s Recommend While Inspecting Windshield Washer Reservoir?

A driver must always be very careful with the brand of the fluid he is going to use in his car. He must always read the owner’s manual before filling the tank up as the manufacturers recommend some fluids for certain kinds of reservoirs.

For example, the reservoirs with the washers mounted on the headlight may only store non-freezing fluid because the headlights cannot get as warm as the windshield does in winter.

What are the Common Symptoms Indicating Faulty Windshield Washer Reservoir?

What is the Price of Replacing Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir?

You can have our expert mechanic have a look at your entire washer system while getting the reservoir inspected. The price for his services can be finalized after his complete inspection.