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Windscreen Wiper Washer Jet Replacement



What are the windscreen washer jets?

The jets are plastic nozzles located at the middle of your car’s hood. They can be found right at the middle or sometime near the middle. These windshields/windscreens must spray the washing solution at different driving speeds, so their proper alignment is imperative.

A perfectly aligned windscreen washer jet allows a quick removal of mud and other stuff that a windshield catches while driving. Your vision while driving depends on the state of cleanliness of your windscreen, and these jets make sure to clean them. If the system is faulty, get it checked properly to avoid any harm.

Sometimes the washer jets may be misaligned due to excessive dirt, ice, or any stuff clogging the outlets.

What are the symptoms indicating adjusting the windscreen washer jets?

What do we recommend for improperly functioning windscreen washer jets?

What does it cost to change/adjust windscreen washer jets?

For most cars, the price of the replacement for your windscreen washer jets, tubes or any other related parts is quite low. Our qualified mechanics can visit your home all over the UK and change them expertly if needed. For an exact price, please visit the top of the page and choose your car and the service.


Following are the statistics of Windscreen Wiper Washer Jet Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Ford Focus £ 372.21