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Window is Not Working Inspection


Window is Not Working Inspection

Your problem starts when your vehicle’s window system stop operating. It is not just annoying but also an indication that you need a proper repair job. It gets worse with time. The more you delay fixing your windows, the more you get into trouble because eventually, they stop functioning, even moving up and down at all.

How Windows System Works?

The working of the power window system is a lot easier than you may assume. A wiring system transmits power to the motor of the window system and is regulated by a fuse. The power motor produces rotation when you press the window switch. There is a regulator inside the clutch of your window. This regulator controls the rotation, which moves the window up-and-down.

The mechanism is much the same in the manual window system. It works with a window handle, unlike a window switch. When you turn the window handle by hand, the initial rotation is produced.

Your window will stop moving at all if parts within the power or manual window system begin to wear.

What are the Common Reasons of Window Stop Working?

What to expect during the inspection of window malfunction?

Our top-rated mechanic will come to your home to examine the cause, why your window is not working properly. After a proper examination, he will provide a detailed report that consists of the source and the cause of window malfunction.

What is the cost of fixing the window that is not working?

The cost of repair will be fixed after a detailed inspection of your window system. You can also have a look at our website for a detailed price list according to the problem.