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Whining Sound When Car is in Gear Inspection


Whining Sound When Car is in Gear Inspection

The transmission system in your car plays a vital in making your car move. The way in which transmission works is by transferring the power from the engine to the wheels. When the transmission is working optimally, you are going to hear some usual noises.

But when the system has some fault, or you can hear unexpected noises from the transmission, most particularly sound like whining when you put your car in gear, it’s an indication that there is something wrong.

How the transmission system works?

Transmission works in a varying pattern depending upon the fact if you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission.

If your car has a manual transmission, then you are the one changing the gears as the speed increases. For instance, with the increase of speed, you will press your clutch pedal and shift your car in first gear, then second, and so on. If you do not shift the gears and keep on accelerating, your car will start to whine loudly.

In an automatic transmission system, all these processes are done by the transmission and the car’s onboard computer. All that the driver put the gear in “Drive” and press the gas pedal. The transmission will shift automatically at certain speeds or engine RPMs and also ensure a smooth acceleration process.

There are several components needed, both in the manual and automatic transmission, for the systems to function properly. Some of these can malfunction and create whining noises when in gear. In some transmissions, a little whine in certain gears is completely normal. You must look for any unusual whining noises that your car does not produce normally.

What are the common reasons your car can whine when in gear?

How much it costs to fix whining noises from the transmission?

A certified mechanic will visit your home to check the car’s transmission system and will also discuss the price after the examination of your car.