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Wheel Bearing Replacement

What is wheel bearing and how it works?

A wheel bearing is made up of steel and is made with high precession technique to with stand the impact of all the weight and stress it goes through in order to provide constant support to front and rear axle of vehicle while the vehicle is moving. In simple words wheel bearing is a component of wheel assembly responsible for the rotation of the wheel.

What are the Symptoms of faulty or worn wheel bearing?

Can you  drive with a faulty wheel bearing?

Its not a good practice to drive the car with the faulty wheel bearing as it can increase your fuel consumption and also the control of the vehicle is compromised. Wheel bearing failure is usually a gradual process , although in some cases it starts immediately if the tyres comes in contact with a deep pothole. When Wheel bearing start making noise its better to get it replaced straight away, if you continue driving with the faulty or noisy wheel bearing the chances of catastrophic failure increases which can result in complete separation of the wheel from the axle and other components of suspension like wheel hub, stabiliser link, bushes , coil spring and shock absorber will be damaged aswel.
A problem with the wheel bearings can compromise the smoothness of your ride and the longevity of your tyres but more than that it can cause real safety concerns. It is important to have wheel bearings inspected at the first sign of trouble.

Wheel Bearing

What is a cost of replacing wheel bearing?

Wheel bearing replacing cost depends on the car make and model and labour time to do the work, On average the cost of replacing wheel bearing on a mid range small and medium size car is between £125 to 195. To find out the exact cost of replacing wheel bearing on your car, please select your car make and model at the top of the page. we have a network of mobile mechanic's nationwide who can come to your home or office to repair or service your car.