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Water Pump Replacement

What is a function of water pump in a car and how it works?

The purpose of water pump in a car engine is to circulate engine coolant through the engine block and cylinder head to keep the temperature on required level.The water pump is a serpentine belt or timing belt driven engine accessory attached with the engine.

When are the symptoms of failing water pump?

Can you drive the car with a water pump problem?

If the coolant leak is small and the coolant level doesn’t reduces suddenly then yes you can drive the car but keep in mind small leak can turn into big leak at any time and if the coolant level reduces to the level where its not sufficient to keep the engine temperature at required level, it can overheat the engine and chances of head gasket failure are very high and you end up paying large repairing bill.

water pump

What is a cost of replacing water pump on a car?

The cost of water pump replacement depends on make, model, part quality and labour time to do the job. Inorder to find out the exact cost of water pump replacement on your car, please select your car make and model at the top of the page. if the water pump is timing belt driving the average cost to replace the water pump is between £350 to £768 and if waterpump is drive belt / serpentine belt driven than its repacement cost is between £120 to £175. Get an instant quote from smart servicing centre for water pump replacement, we have network of mobile mechanics nationwide who can come to your home or office to replace it.


Following are the statistics of Water Pump Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Mini MINI £ 250.49