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Washer Fluid Not Spraying On Windshield Inspection

Washer Fluid Not Spraying On Windshield Inspection

The basic function of the washer fluid is to help the driver keep the windshield clean while he is driving. 100% visibility is extremely important for the driver to avoid any mishap or accident. It’s more of a safety precaution than the basic act of comfort for the driver. The windshield washer fluid helps retain the visibility by washing off debris or any other matter that hits your windshield while driving.

There are functions in some newer vehicles to let you know if the quantity of windshield washer fluid in your car is low, but there is no warning or indication light that alerts of any kind of malfunction with the fluid spraying system of the car.

What are the Common Reasons for Washer Fluid Not Spraying?

Being on the front of the car, these washer jets can be struck or stuck by anything. They come in contact with various things while driving and can create several maladies. Some of the problems that the washer fluid system can have are listed below.

What to Expect During Inspection of Washer Fluid Not Spraying?

Our top professional can come to your home or office and will thoroughly examine your car’s windshield washer fluid system and check for any malfunctions that it might have. During the process, he will check the switch or pumps to examine if they are working in their optimal condition. The condition of all the hoses, nozzles will be checked to determine if they are blocked by some debris.

After the inspection, our mechanic will provide you an inspection report that will tell you of the problem with your car in detail.    

What is the Price of Repair Job for Washer Fluid Not Spraying?

The price list can be accessed and checked by visiting the top of this page and ‘selecting your car.