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Warning Light Turned On Inspection


Warning Light Turned On Inspection

There are several warning lights added into the meter of modern cars being introduced into the market today. All these warning lights have a simple, basic function: Alert the driver when there is something wrong with any system of the car. The alert signal varies in importance. Some signals will tell you that it’s time to get your vehicle checked for some minor repair job, while some will indicate towards a bigger and more serious problem. But whichever light is on, it should not be ignored.

The warning lights are stationed on your dashboard gauge cluster, right next to your fuel gauge and speedometer. When the driver turns the vehicle on, he will notice that all these warning lights turn on and then shut off after a second. This is your car making sure every part and every component is in optimal condition and will give any problem. If there is a problem with any system, the onboard computer will leave that light on.

What are the common reasons your warning lights are on?

What to expect when inspecting warning lights?

Our expert mechanic will visit your home or office and will inspect your car for the source and the cause of the warning light. He will look at your engine and all the other parts that can cause the warning lights to turn on. After the inspection, the mechanic will provide an inspection report that will include the scope of the repairs needed.

What can it cost to fix warning lights?

The price can be fixed only after the mechanic has inspected the car as each of the lights is representing a different problem in the car. The price can be fixed after the examination of your car.