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Uneven Brake Pressure Inspection


Uneven Brake Pressure Inspection

Brakes are very important and an integral part of our vehicle. The brake should always be in an optimal condition for your safety and the safety of others. Sometimes when you apply the brakes, you feel a pull towards one side more instead of an even application. There may be several causes of why this might be happening. 

Why are Car Brakes sometimes Uneven?

In a normally operating braking system, the calipers will press the rotors evenly from both sides of the car and on all four sides if you are driving a car with a four-wheel disc braking system. Upon pressing, the pressurized fluid is sent from the master cylinder to all the calipers in an even fashion, and in turn, the force that these calipers apply is almost even. This process allows the car to come to a halt evenly, without changing its direction in any way. It also ensures that brakes pads wear off evenly. 

However, in some instances, the process falters, and fluid fails to reach one side or is sent more to one side, and you feel a pull towards that side. There can be several reasons why this happens, and not all of them have to do with the brake system of the vehicle. 

What are the Common Reasons for Uneven Brake Pressure?

What to expect availing our services?

An expert and qualified professional will visit the place of your choosing to inspect your car’s entire brake system, including the pistons, rotors, calipers, brake pads and brake lines, and even more in order to identify the problem. The mechanic will then provide a complete analysis report that would include the necessary repairs to be made. 

How much will it cost to repair Uneven Brake Pressure?

Our mobile mechanic team will visit and inspect your car for any faulty parts. The price depends on the parts used, the make and model of the vehicle you drive, and also the price of the home visit.