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Turbocharger replacement

What is a turbo charger and how it works ?

Turbocharger helps push more air into the engine to  increase engine performance. The system is powered by the engine exhaust gases which drives a turbine in the turbo to push more air into the engine. Helps achieve more efficient combustion, typically more power for only a small increase in fuel consumption. Auto mobile’s turbo’s are most often associated with high-performance and diesel vehicles, but are also increasingly used in petrol auto mobiles to improve engine efficiency and performance.

The principle behind a turbocharger is simple. When your car's engine is running, it sucks air through the air filter, which then mixes with fuel and ignites, creating the power that powers the engine. This ignition process creates waste gases that escape through the exhaust system.

A turbo uses these gases to spin a turbine, that turbine is used to push more air into the engine than it would naturally attract. As a result, your engine can burn more of the air and fuel mixture than it would hence generating more power.

Turbo charging is becoming increasingly popular in everyday gasoline cars as it enables more power to be generated from smaller engines, without increasing fuel consumption and emissions to a larger equivalent engine.

What are the symptoms of faulty or failing turbocharger?

The most obvious signs will be less power and lower fuel efficiency, emissions may also be worse, it will cost you a lot of money as the car will use more fuel, so it is important for a qualified mechanic to repair it.

Common symptoms of faulty or failing turbo charger are as follow:

A faulty turbo can be caused by a number of problems. First, it may be the result of the wrong type or wrong or poor quality oil.Damaged or worn gaskets can also be the source of  problem, as they can allow oil to seep into your exhaust system. Which then forces the turbo to work excessively hard to increase air pressure levels. Turbo failure can also be the result of foreign objects in the compressor housing that can cause direct damage to the turbo. Also, the mileage and age of your car can be the result. Turbo chargers are designed to last as around 160,000 miles, but they can wear out prematurely if they were originally installed incorrectly or due to driving style.

What are the recommendations of  turbocharger replacement?

Turbo charger is a vital component of many vehicles, it should not need to be replaced for the life of the vehicle. That doesn't mean it lasts forever, but you shouldn't expect this part of your vehicle to need replacement. Only perform this repair if your vehicle has been diagnosed with this problem by a professional mechanic.

If you are looking for affordable car turbo repairs in your area, we have the UK's largest network of garages and mobile mechanics available to assist you. Posting a job on our site gives you access to honest quotes from local mechanics.


How much does it cost to replace a turbo charger on a car?

It depends on the make,model and part brand used in the vehicle. To find out the exact price to replace your car's turbocharger, enter your car details at the top of the page.

Turbochargers are expensive parts, and in most cases a new low-end turbocharger will cost between £ 500 and £ 2000, depending on the make and model of the car.