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Trunk Malfunctioning Lock Actuator Inspection


Trunk Malfunctioning Lock Actuator Inspection

Vehicles are designed to have a trunk or hatch to store and transport belongings safe while traveling. A key lock cylinder is used to lock the boot. Some car boots are also equipped with a power release button, operated by a boot lock actuator mounted to the keyed lock cylinder. 

The trunk is operated through an electrical input; the driver can use either a boot release button located inside the boot release button on a key fob. The trunk/boot latch will be opened in the same way as turning a key in the lock cylinder. When the boot lock actuator fails, the boot system can malfunction.

What should be kept in mind during the inspection of trunk lock actuator replacement?

What are the common symptoms that indicate that the trunk lock actuator is needed to replace? 

How much does it cost to replace the boot lock actuator?

The cost of replacing the Boot/Trunk lock actuator depends on the vehicle make and model. to find out the exact cost of replacing the boot lock actuator on your vehicle, please type in your vehicle details at the top of the page.