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Transmission Position Sensor Switch Replacement

What is the transmission position sensor switch all about?

Vehicles with the automatic mode of transmission can only be started in park or neutral gears to avoid unintentional movement while in park or drive gears. A safety shut down sequence called transmission position sensor, or range sensor is used to find out the position of the gear stick. 

Its basic function is to cut power to starter controls if the vehicle is not in park or neutral gear. This switch can found on the side of the transmission and screws into the transmission to detect the gear being applied. This sensor is also commonly known as “transmission range sensor”.
If this sensor fails, driver may be able to start the car in drive or park gears.

What are the common symptoms for the transmission position sensor switch replacement?

What are the recommendations while replacing the transmission position sensor switch?

The transmission position sensor does not need routine maintenance or servicing but being an electronic part; it can fail due to various reasons.

What will it cost to replace the transmission position sensor?

Our mechanics can come to your home, inspect, and tell you if the sensor needs replacing. The price depends upon the part they are going to use while replacing it, the vehicle in question, and the mode of repair chosen.

For an exact price, please visit the top of the page and choose your car make and model. We have a network of mobile mechanics and garage throughout the UK, who can come to your home and office to carry out any repair work on your vehicle.