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Transmission Fluid is Leaking Inspection


Transmission Fluid Is Leaking Inspection

Each component of your transmission gets lubricated by the transmission fluid. The fluid works as a power transmitter, coolant, and lubricant in a vehicle with automatic transmission. When you find reddish fluid underneath the vehicle, you can easily guess that your car is leaking transmission fluid. Or sometimes, you may find the strawberry shake without having strawberries in your car. It is due to the leaking of antifreeze/coolant.

What are the Common Reasons of Leaked Transmission Fluid?

Punctured or loose fluid pan: The transmission pan is used to hold the transmission fluid. The fluid can leak due to lose or a damaged pan. This pan can be located in the side or back of the transmission.
Loose drain plug: When the fluid needs to drain out of system, a plug is used, which is placed at the bottom of transmission pan. The fluid will leak if the plug is not properly secured.
Damaged pan gaskets: The transmission oil pan and the transmission itself is sealed by pan gasket. It can create a problem if it is damaged, but it can be easily fixed.
Cracked fluids lines: Fluid lines are used to run transmission oil to a cooler. They can crack due to the high temperature of the car or can get cut due to debris that flies up under the car and result in a fluid leak.
Bad seals: To prevent transmission oil from leaking, each and every component with the transmission needed to be sealed. These seals can damage or cracked with constant use over time.
Damage torque converter: A torque converter is used instead of a mutual clutch for cars with automatic transmission. This converter can have a faulty needle bearing or crack sometimes and result in oil leaks.
Damaged transmission oil cooler: The cooler keeps the temperature down, so it does not damage the internal part of the vehicle. The damaged transmission oil cooler can cause oil leaks.

What are the prices to fix the transmission fluids that leaks?

The price for fixing transmission fluid leaking can be discussed and fixed with the mechanic after he is done with his examination of your car.