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Transfer Case Fluid Replacement

What is Transfer Case Fluid? 

The transfer case is a vital component in four-wheel-drive (4WD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles. Its main purpose is to direct the core drive power from the transmission to the four wheels through the front and rear a. It basically controls which of the wheels are to get power depending on the mode of the car. In AWD vehicles, it helps shift power from an axle to another depending upon traction. 
Transfer Case requires lubricants to continue to function in a proper manner and also imperative to maintain it in optimal condition. Periodic changes can help avoid premature damage by friction between various moving parts. 

What are the Symptoms Indicating Transfer Case Fluid Change?

Difficulty changing gears
Low or dirty transfer case fluid affects the transmission capability of your vehicle. It can also result in your vehicle suddenly shifting out of 4WD mode. 
Loud noises while driving 
Loud grounding noises will be a usual for your vehicle as the transfer case fluid loses its lubricating properties.
Transfer case fluid is dirty
This is evident while in a routine checkup. Replace the fluid if found too dirty to function properly.

What are the recommendations for Transfer Case Fluid Replacement?

Most of the expert mechanics recommend changing the transfer case fluid every 30-50,000 km, but it mainly depends on the way your vehicle has been used. For Example, if you have been towing large trucks or have been putting other forms of stress on your transfer case fluid, then you should get it checked regularly to ensure no leaks and the fluid hasn’t lost its lubricating capacity. 
Neglecting the change can lead to premature wearing off on the transfer case itself that can lead to an expensive repair job. 

What is the cost of replacing Transfer Case Fluid?

Our expert mobile mechanics can pay you a visit at home all over the UK and can replace the transfer case fluid. The cost depends on the vehicle you have and the mode of repair you chose. To find the exact price, please select the area and your car at the top of the page.