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Throttle Position Sensor Replacement


What is a throttle position sensor and how it works?

As from the name throttle position sensor  indicates its purpose, it is used to monitor the position of throttle flap. The throttle position sensor is mounted on the throttle body of the air intake system. The throttle body uses the input of the accelerator pedal to determine the amount of air that should enter the engine. The throttle flap inside the throttle body opens when you step on the throttle, the more you press the pedal  more air gets into the engine.

The throttle position sensor identifies the amount of air entering the engine from the position of the throttle flap. When the sensor detects motion, it sends an electronic signal to the engine ECU, which processes the information. ECU adjusts the ignition timing and fuel supply to optimize the air and fuel mixture for combustion.

What are the symptoms of the faulty throttle position sensor?

Following are the symptoms of the faulty throttle position sensor

Can I drive with a faulty throttle position sensor?

Yes. Over time, the throttle position sensor may wear out or fail. A malfunction of the throttle position sensor can cause various problems. From a thin or rich fuel and air mixture, that fails an emissions test. Therefore, it is important to repair the throttle sensor as directed in the guidelines set out by your car manufacturer.

If you are having trouble with a throttle position sensor, it is advisable to have it inspected by a professional mechanic and  if necessary replace the sensor.

throttle position sensor

What is a cost of replacing throttle body position sensor?

The cost of replacing a throttle position sensor depends on your car make and model. Find out the exact cost to replace throttle body position sensor on your car by providing your car registration at the top of the page.

The rough estimate of throttle position sensor on most of the Small cars will be on the low end, between £ 170 and £270. Bigger car models will be slightly closer to £ 380- £550 and luxury or sport options will get you priced over £ 500.