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Throttle body replacement


What is a throttle body and how  it works?

Throttle body is a part of the engine's air intake system, as long as your car has fuel injection. It is located before the engine's intake manifold and regulates the flow of air to the engine and air mixes with fuel to help under go combustion. It consists of a butterfly valve that opens and closes depending on how much air is required to the engine and this opening and closing depends on the input given by the driver when the throttle paddle is pushed down to the floor.

The throttle body is mounted between the air filter and the intake manifold. Throttle body designs vary. Some are equipped with an idle air control valve, throttle position sensor, and other electronic throttle controls. The throttle plate on the throttle body can be controlled directly via an accelerator pedal cable or fully electronically on newer cable drive systems.

When are the symptoms of failing or faulty throttle body?

Can  drive with a faulty or failing throttle body?

Yes. The vehicle can have limited power or go into limp mode to take the vehicle to a repair center. If the check engine light is on or the electronic throttle control light is on there is no noticeable difference in engine performance, the car can be driven safely. However  it is best to diagnose and repair it as soon as possible to avoid unforeseen failures or possible damage to the catalytic converter.

When are recommendations of throttle body replacement?

Throttle body parts can wear out over time and eventually fail, causing the engine to not receive the correct amount of air to ignite fuel for combustion process.  If the check engine light or the electronic throttle control light is on, get your car checked by a professional mechanic, in few cases cleaning the throttle body can solve the problem as with time there are carbon deposits inside the throttle body which does not let air to pass freely and your car struggles to perform well.

throttle body

What is the cost of Throttle Body replacement ?

The cost of replacing the throttle body depends on your car make and model. Find out what you could save by having your throttle body replaced by one of our approved mobile mechanic’s. The average replacement cost of the throttle body is between £480 and £910 for makes like Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, Peugeot, KIA, Renault,Toyota and honda

Following are the statistics of Throttle body replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Nissan JUKE £ 285.56
Mercedes-benz A Class £ 603.98
Fiat Punto £ 284.92
Seat MII £ 432.98
Volkswagen Golf £ 274.36
Land Rover Freelander £ 205.37