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Thermostat Replacement

What is cooling system thermostat and how it works?

Engine cooling system thermostat is a valve located inside the thermostat hosing and connected to the engine block inside the cooling system passage way. Thermostat valve opens and closes when the engine is running to allow or stop the coolant to circulate freely inside the engine cooling system. This opening and closing of the cooling system thermostat performs very important role in maintaining the engine temperature at required level.

When thermostat valve is closed it does not allow coolant to circulate through the radiator and coolant only circulate inside the engine hence the engine temperature increases and reaches at the desired temperature level quickly and engine performs efficiently and fuel efficiency also increases, once the temperature exceeds 90 degrees centigrade, thermostat vale opens and allow the coolant to enter into the radiator and brings the temperature level down to 90 degree centigrade which is a required engine coolant temperature to perform properly.

There are two states of engine thermostat failure. First one is when it is stuck open, in this state the engine temperature remains under the required limit and fuel efficiency reduces and engine performs rough.

Second state is when the engine coolant thermostat stuck close then it won’t allow the coolant to enter in to radiator and engine temperature will increase to the extent where head gasket will be blown right away and engine will stop working completely.

What are the symptoms of faulty engine cooling system thermostat?


Can i drive with an engine cooling system thermostat problem?

No, it will cause damage to your car engine. If the thermostat is stuck close then your car will over heat which will result in a head gasket failure and car engine will cut out completely.

If the thermostat is stuck open then your car coolant temperature will remain under the required temperance level and engine fuel economy will be reduced and if you won’t be able to use the car climate control properly. If you know there is a problem with your car cooling system , get your car checked by a professional mechanic straight away in order to avoid expensive repair bills. 

What is a cost of replacing a thermostat on a car?

The cost of thermostat replacement depends on the make, model, part quality, coolant capacity and labour time to do the work. To find out the exact cost of replacing thermostat on your car , please select your car make and model at the top of the page.

Following are the statistics of Thermostat Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Mini MINI £ 90.20