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Temperature Gauge is Maxed Out Inspection


Temperature Gauge is Maxed Out Inspection

Your engine produces an immense amount of heat while it is running. It also needs to maintain a considerable range of temperature to operate properly. A coolant is circulated throughout the engine whose basic function is to absorb the extra heat, and then it returns to the radiator where the collected heat is vented out of the vehicle through the radiator fan. Once the coolant is cooled after throwing away the heat, it is sent back in the engine to repeat the process.

This keeps the engine running the optimal temperature range. There is a temperature gauge in your car to measure the temperature. If you find it maxed out at any point, it’s time to get your vehicle checked.

How the Temperature Gauge Works?

The temperature gauge inside your dashboard is connected to your onboard computer and leading from there to a temperature sensor present on the engine block. The function this sensor performs is to measure the temperature of the coolant in your car. The sensor uses resistance in the process of measuring the temperature, but the actual value of the resistance can vary immensely from one car manufacturer to another and one model of the car to the other.

The information that the sensor has collected is then sent to the car’s onboard computer, which adjusts the gauge accordingly and playing its part in cooling down the system. The fan inside the radiator will turn on or off, depending upon the temperature of your engine. As the temperature of the coolant rises, the needle inside the gauge will also move, indicating a temperature rise. The needle will move from cold to normal and then hot, but it may move to hot in one instance if the temperature is too high.

What are the Common Reasons for Maxed out Temperature Gauge?

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Maxed Out Temperature Gauge?

Our mobile mechanic can be called anywhere as we provide services all over the UK to inspect your car for any malfunctioning parts. Price can be discussed and fixed after the inspection. The mechanic cannot provide a fixed price beforehand as the price for mobile services are different than the prices of traditional repair shops.