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Tail Light Bulb Replacement


What is the Function of Tail Light Bulb in a Car?

The main function of the tail light bulb or rear light bulb in a car is to alert the driver behind you on the road of your presence. This is to make sure that they can see you in darkness or foggy weather. The tail light bulb is turned on when the headlight of your car is on. These lights are also called “tail lamps”. This bulb keeps your car well lit.

A non-functioning tail light bulb is a safety hazard as the driver behind you might not be alerted of your presence in time, and that can be a cause of accidents. Driving without proper tail lights is also illegal, and if caught by the traffic police, you will be fined quite heftily. 

A major problem with this bulb, causing it to stop functioning, can be a melted bulb socket. 

What to Keep in Mind While Inspecting Tail Light Bulb?

What are the Expert’s Recommendations While Replacing Tail Light Bulb?

The mechanic should always check all the bulbs in your car whenever you take your car for a major repair job. 

What are the Common Symptoms Indicating Malfunctioning Tail Light Bulb?

Rear lights will stop working. 

What is the Price of Replacing Tail Light Bulb?

To have a look at the car services we provide and their prices, please visit our website. We offer affordable and reliable automobile services all over the UK. Our mobile mechanics will visit your home or office to check your car for you.