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Suspension airbag repair


What is suspension airbag and how it works?

Suspension air bags are used as an alternative of coil springs and designed to prevent your vehicle from bouncing or making it difficult for you to drive when loaded. By adding extra support to your current suspension, your vehicle should give you a much smoother ride, even with the added weight. Some high-end SUVs come with factory-installed suspension airbags that automatically level the load and ride height. They are controlled by suspension height sensors that provide information to the body control module, which directs the appropriate air pressure from a compressor to the airbag. If there is a leak in an air bag or if the pressure in the air bag is not adjusting, it may need to be replaced.

What common symptoms of faulty suspension airbag?

Following are the symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Suspension Air Bag:

If you see any of the above mentioned signs in your vehicle suspension, it is a good idea to find a mechanic and have your suspension and air bags checked. Airbags are usually made of rubber and can be subject to the elements. If you think your suspension airbag is leaking, book one of our expert mechanics to get it diagnose.

Can I drive with a faulty airbag suspension?

Suspension airbags in your vehicle contribute to proper control and a comfortable ride. If your airbags are not working as expected, you may experience control issues while driving on the highway. Have suspension air bags repaired as soon as possible.


What is a cost of Suspension airbag repair?

The cost of replacing a Suspension airbags depends on the vehicle, part cost and area you are living in.To find out the exact cost of replacing Suspension airbag on your car, select your car make and model at the top of the page. You can book a mechanic on-line with smart servicing centre for all your car repair and maintenance needs.