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Steering Wheel Not Turning the Car Inspection


Steering Wheel Not Turning the Car Inspection

Normally, when you turn the steering wheel while the car is running, the wheels are supposed to turn by themselves. The only mean of directing the car while on the road is the steering wheel of your car. There is a problem with the system if the steering wheel does not turn the car. It is essential to know the cause of such a problem as this can cause serious problems while driving.

Why is the steering wheel not turning the car?

The steering system of a car is complex but quite easy to understand. The steering shaft that runs into the dash and toward the power steering rack is connected with the steering wheel. The steering wheel is further connected to another shaft with a universal joint, called the intermediate shaft. It is used to transmit the motion from the steering wheel to the wheels.

The intermediate shaft consists of one more universal joint on the other end, which connects to the gearbox. When the steering wheel turns left or right, motion is transmitted down to both driveshafts to the gearbox. To turn the wheel with minimal effort the power steering extends this motion. A pump mounted on the engine operate all this system.

What are the common reasons behind the steering wheel not functioning properly?

What to expect in the inspection of a faulty steering wheel?

One of our professional mechanics will come to the home or office and will examine your car for the errors in the steering system. He might have to test drive the car to understand the problem. After the thorough inspection, he will prepare a detailed inspection report based on the problems he observed.

What can it cost to fix a faulty steering wheel?

The price quote for the services can be obtained from our website.