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Starter Motor Replacement


What is a car starter motor and how it works?

Starter motor is a small electric motor connected to the flywheel of engine and the purpose of this motor is to start the engine. In order to start a car engine you need to rotate the crankshaft at the speed of approximate 200rpm ,this task is carried out by starter motor. Starter motor operates at 12v, when you turn your car key to start position or push the start button for newer cars the circuit completes and motor gets the required voltage to turn the flywheel over which in turns starts the engine.

when are the symptoms of failing or faulty starter motor?

starter motor

How much does it cost to replace a starter motor?


The cost of starter motor replacement depends on the vehicle make, model, part quality and labour time to replace it. As the labour time and part price are not the same for all makes and models, it's impossible to give the exact replacement cost of starter motor unless we know the particular vehicle on which the price is required. To find out the precise cost of a starter motor replacement on your car, select the make and model at the top of the page.

On average, the starter motor replacement cost on most mid-range vehicles is between £150 to £295. if you need a starter motor replacement services for your car, you can book a professional mechanic from the smart servicing centre who can come to your house or office to carry out the repair work; it's not only convenient but also 30% cheaper than going to a garage.

Following are the statistics of starter motor replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make & Model Cost Labour Hours
Ford Fiesta £121 0.90 Hours Approx.
Fiat 500 £128 1.20 Hours Approx.
Volkswagen Golf £389 0.80 Hours Approx.
Land Rover Range Rover £459 1.60 Hours Approx.
Volkswagen Tiguan £139 1.0 Hours Approx.
Audi Q5 £279 1.40 Hours Approx.
Mercedes C Class £384 2.20 Hours Approx.
Audi A4 £259 3.80 Hours Approx.
BMW 5 Series £289 1.20 Hours Approx.


Can you drive with a starter motor problem?

You only need starter motor to start the car, if your car engine is running you can drive the car as long as you don’t switch your engine off but it is best to have the problem repaired to avoid being left stranded.

Following are the statistics of Starter Motor Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Nissan PATHFINDER £ 251.52
Bmw Z4 £ 206.89
Hyundai IX20 £ 258.89
Fiat Punto £ 206.98
Kia PICANTO £ 282.45
Smart City Coupe £ 249.98
Kia SPORTAGE £ 339.24
Ford Fiesta £ 113.35
Bmw 3 Series £ 225.12