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Squealing Noise When Turning Steering Wheel Inspection


Squealing Noise When Turning Steering Wheel Inspection

Modern cars in the market have the power steering system that helps the driver turn the steering wheel more easily and turn the car by controlling the front wheels. A squealing noise while the driver is turning the steering wheel indicated a failure in the power steering unit. This squealing noise could be originating from the power steering pump or from the belt that gives power to the power steering from the car’s engine.

How the Power Steering System Works?

Power steering makes the task of handling the steering and controlling the wheels much easier than the traditional steering. Power steering uses either hydraulic or electrical actuators to get the job done.

Hydraulic System
In a hydraulic power steering system, a belt that is connected to the engine powers up a hydraulic pump. As the driver is turning the steering wheel, this pump sends the fluid to the cylinder that assists the driver to turn the wheel in whichever direction he or she wants.

Electronic System
The electronic system is becoming more mainstream in modern cars being released into the market. This electronic system uses a small electric motor to help the system turn the wheels. When the power steering system is acting up, it can be very difficult to control or handle the steering, especially when you are driving at a low speed.

What are the Common Reasons for Squealing Noise from Power Steering?

There can be several reasons which can cause noises from the steering system. Below is a list of some of the major ones responsible for noises.

What can it Cost to Fix Squealing Noise from Power Steering?

Our professional mechanic can visit your home or office and can check your car’s steering system for the cause of the noise. He will include the price quote in the inspection report that he will prepare for you.