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Spongy Brake Pedal Inspection


Spongy Brake Pedal

Brakes in a car should always be firm and stable so that they can work correctly. Brakes should be engaged after a minimal travel time in the pedal. They should also not require extra efforts or force to push the brake pedal and apply them and stop your car. 

If your brakes are not soft or spongy and you fell brakes are not working the way it should work, get the repairs done immediately for your and other's safety. 

How the Brake Pedal Works?

The firmness of your brake pedal is the result of the fluid pressure in the master cylinder and the brake line. When the brake pedal is pushed down to the floor in order to stop or slow down the vehicle, the master cylinder, in turn, acts by inserting fluid into the pipes that allow that fluid into the calipers and drums (depending on your vehicle, if you have disc brakes in the front and have drum brakes in the rear, or you might have disc brakes on all the four wheels).

In a perfectly operating braking system, you should feel no difference in the sturdiness of the brake pedal while applying the brakes or any other application. However, there are several potential reasons that could lead to a spongy or soft pedal.

What are the Common Reasons for Spongy Brake Pedal?

What to expect in the inspection of Spongy Brakes?

The mechanic will inspect the entire braking system for any faults and trapped air inside the brake hydraulics system that lead to low fluid levels in the brake system. The mechanic will also inspect the calipers, the brake lines, the master cylinder, and other components to determine the actual cause of the problem with the brake pedal.

How much would it cost to fix Spongy Brake Pedal?

This depends on the problem that your vehicle is facing. Our mobile mechanic can visit your home or office and can thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any faulty parts that need to be changed. For an estimation of the cost, please see the top of the page and select your car alongside the service you are looking for.