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Speedometer Sensor Replacement


What is speedometer or speed sensor?

As the name suggests, the speedometer displays your vehicle's speed in real time. Most speedometers are electronic. An electronic speedometer measures vehicle speed using a speedometer sensor. This sensor, usually located in the transmission, detects the rotational speed of the drive shaft. The sensor sends a corresponding series of pulses to ECU, which then converts these pulses into a digital number indicated by the speedometer. So when the speedometer sensor fails, the speedometer reading stops increasing.

When the speedometer sensor is not functioning properly, the Check Engine Warning Light should come on and your vehicle's cruise control will stop working. The speedometer may also stop working or become visibly inaccurate.

What are the symptoms of faulty speedometer sensor?

Can I drive with a a faulty speedometer sensor ?

A speedometer sensor measures the speed at which the drive shaft of the vehicle is turning. When the speedometer sensor fails, there is no line of communication with your speedometer and you will not be able to see how fast you are going and your car cruise control will not work. Its in your interest to book a diagnostic inspection with a mechanic to get the problem diagnosed and fixed before driving.


What is a cost of replacing Speedometer sensor?

The cost of replacing the Speedometer sensor depends on the make and the model of the car you drive and the workshop with which you book the repair. Select the make and model of your car at the top of the page to find out the exact cost of replacing the Speedometer  sensor on your vehicle, you can also find a mechanic to fix your car with smart servicing centre.