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Shock Absorber Replacement

What is a shock absorber?

shock absorber is a component of a suspension system, the purpose of shock absorber is to absorbe the shocks while driving through uneven surface and keep the car's tyres in permanent contact with the road, providing required road grip while cornering, braking and driving through uneven surfaces. The vehicle's ride and comfort is compromised if the shock absorber is faulty, damaged or leaked. which in turns not only put the life of the driver and the occupants of the vehicle in danger but also the other road users are at risk.

What are the symptoms of bad shock absorber?

What are the recommendations of shock absorber replacement?

Manufacturers recommends to change the shock absorbers in pairs ,either front(both) or rear ( both). It is a good practice to replace the shock absorbers every 40,000 miles. You can easily find out if you need new shocks simply push down on the car on each shock absorber, If  car bounces up and down a few times, its time to change the shock absorbers or you can also get your car checked by a professional mechanic by booking a car diagnostic inspection.

What is a cost to replace shock absorbers on a car?

It depend upon the make and model of the car plus the area you are living in and the part quality. Typically Shock Absorber Repair costs starts from £125 each and its recommended to change the shock absorbers in pairs. To find out the exact cost of replacing shock absorbers on your car select the make and model of your car at the top of the page.

shock absorber

Can I drive with a faulty or leaked shock absorber?

Shock absorbers attach the suspension to the body of your car and have pistons filled with gas or liquid. When your vehicle is driven over pot holes and uneven road surfaces, the suspension is subject to many knocks. This shock moves the pistons, but the gas or liquid in the pistons helps absorb the impact and reduces the shock that is then transferred to the vehicle body and the driver and other occupants of the vehicle gets a smooth and comfortable ride .

If the shock absorber’s are leaked, they fail to absorb shocks or impact from the uneven road surface and all the impact on the suspension will be transferred to the car body. This not only makes driving uncomfortable, but can also damage many different components of your vehicle such as coil springs, wheel hub, drive shafts and wheel bearings etc.

Following are the statistics of Shock Absorber Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Ford Fiesta £ 176.94
Volkswagen Passat £ 177.98