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Shaky or Vibrating Brake Panel Inspection


Shaky or Vibrating Brake Panel

Brakes in a car should be working in a perfect condition for your safety and the safety of the others. Car should stop immediately and comfortably when you apply the brakes. But sometimes, when you apply the brakes while the car is moving, it causes it to shake and vibrate, which can be dangerous.

Come, let's learn what it is and how to get rid of this problem.


What does Car Brake System consist of?

Brake Rotors or Drums

Depending on your car and whether you are looking at the front or rear brakes, you will notice rotor brakes or drum brakes. Both the brakes are attached to the wheel, and when you push the brake, it puts pressure on rotors or drums, slowing down the car in the process.

Over time, both these can get warped, causing a wobbly effect when the pads strike with drums or rotors.

Brake Pads

Your car relies on flush contact between the rotors or drums and the brake pads for you to have a smooth braking experience. Just as warped rotors or drums can cause a problem, warped pads too are a thing that can affect your braking system.

If a brake pads is warped, it will make inconsistent contact with the brake when you push the brake, which will also be inconsistent after this. Brake pads can also accumulate dirt, rust & debris that can cause less than perfect braking.


Having your wheels aligned is another important task to do if you want a smooth ride. In a new car, wheels are perfectly aligned, but over time wheels will fall out of alignment. The tires can have a different angle creating shaky driving.


What to Expect in the inspection of Shaky or vibrating Brake Panel?

The mechanic will take the wheel off and thoroughly inspect your brakes. There are usually visual signs on the pads, rotors, or drums that will tell the mechanic the whole story and help him make a decision about which component of the braking system is acting up.

If the faulty part does not come up in this inspection, mechanic will then check wheel alignment and the suspension if there are any loose ball joints or rod ends.


How much does this cost to get Shaky or vibrating Brake Panel Fixed?

The cost of the repair depends on the type of vehicle you drive or the repair method you choose. We provide mobile services that makes us unique and means they are not going to charge you the same as those repair shops while working at a place of your convenience.