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Service Light is on Inspection


Service Light is on Inspection

Warning and indicator lights comes in handy on several occasions as they have the ability to communicate messages of the extent of the problem your car has. After 1996 it was deemed mandatory for every car’s dashboard to be equipped with these warning and indicator lights.

The warning light, also called the service light, is connected to the engine control unit (ECU) of a vehicle. The ECU is considered to be the brain of the car and monitors a number of functions, including:

What are the common reasons of service lights come on?

The most common problems that can trigger a check service light are listed below:

What to expect during the inspection of service lights?

Our expert mechanic will visit your home to inspect the reason behind the illuminated service lights. After a detailed examination of service lights and vehicle, he will provide a detailed inspection report that consists of the scope of the necessary repairs.

How much it costs to repair the service lights?

Visit our website for detailed information about the cost according to the problem.