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Rear Lights Are Not Working Inspection


Rear Lights Are Not Working Inspection

Rear lights, also known as tail lights, are an important part of the safety components of your car. These lights are the most important feature while driving in the rain or at night on roads where visibility is very low. These lights are designed to alert the other drivers of your presence on the road and light up even brighter when you are braking to let the driver behind you know that you are going to stop. This prevents major accidents on roads.

When the rear lights fail, it is not only dangerous for you and the other drivers but also can get you a hefty ticket from the traffic police. So, if you notice any problems with the tail lights, get them checked as soon as possible.

How the rear lights work?

During day time, when the main headlights are turned off, rear lights only functions to alert the driver at the back when you are braking. At the night time, or when the headlights of your car are on, the tail lights are on constantly to let the others on the road know of your location and shine brighter when brakes are applied.

The rear lights are controlled through the same switch that is controlling the headlights. The power comes through the relay to the rear lights, lighting them up when the switch is pressed. The brake light, connected to the brake pedal, lights up when the pedal is depressed.

What are the common reasons for rear lights not working?

How much can it cost to fix faulty rear lights?

Our mobile mechanic can visit your home and can inspect your car to determine the cause of the problem. After determining the source of the problem he will prepare a detailed report about it and its repair job. The report will also include the price quote for his services.