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Power Outlet Is Not Working Inspection


Power Outlet Is Not Working Inspection

Most of the modern cars nowadays are equipped with the power outlet. This feature of a car is often overlooked but holds an important place when in need as you rely heavily on the power outlet to charge you daily use items such as mobiles, tablets, GPS, etc. This outlet is used to charge the items that are used both in and out of the car.

The socket in which it is present is also called “12V socket”. While this was originally designed to light a cigarette but gained popularity swiftly and was then used as the de facto electrical outlet in a car.

Some vehicles possess multiple power outlets to allow passengers to use them. These outlets come in two specifications, one that is used as a cigarette lighter, and the other can only be used as a charging port.

How the Power Outlet Works?

The power outlet in your car has a cylinder portion connected to the battery negative to gain its power, which is ground in most of the car’s electrical systems. While the center contact point can be connected to the battery positive. This creates a circuit that, in turn power-ups the outlet in the dashboard of your car.

The voltage provided by this outlet is mostly 12 V DC (14 to 15 volts).

What are the Common Reasons Power Outlet Can Stop Working?

There can be many reasons why the electrical component in your dashboard has stopped working. If it has stopped working, it can be for one of the following reasons.

What Can It Cost to Fix Power Outlet?

You can hire our mechanic to come to your home and check your car to save you from hassle of going to a repair shop and wait for repairs. Our mechanic can check for any faults and present a report with a fix. The report will also include the price quote for his services.