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Power Mirror Is Not Working Inspection


Power Mirror Is Not Working Inspection

While driving on the road, a driver does not have the time to fully look back or sideways to see the oncoming traffic. This can cause accidents. For the purpose of seeing at the sides or in the back when you are driving, there are mirrors in place which, if properly set, can give you a clear view of the road behind you. It’s critical for your power mirrors to work for your safety and the safety of the other drivers on the road.

Thanks to modern, the adjustment of side-view mirrors is already due to electronic mirror switch control switch.

How Does the Power Mirror System Work?

Mirror control switches control both the power and the electrical ground with each of the motor that is allowing their movement. When the driver selects one mirror and pushes the switch upwards, the electrical contacts inside connect power and the ground to the motor going up and down, moving the mirror up. When the mirror is in the down position, the switch reverses the polarity to the motor sending the mirror down. The same process happens when the driver has chosen to move the mirror sideways i.e., left or right.

What are the Symptoms of Power Mirror Not Working?

Noted below are a few precautions alerting you that the power mirror in your car is not working or not in optimal condition.

What are the Common Reasons for Power Mirrors to Stop Working?

What is the Price of Fixing the Power Mirror?

The price can be fixed after our mechanic has examined your car for any errors in your power mirror system.