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Parking / Emergency Brake Not Working Inspection


Parking / Emergency Brake Not Working Inspection

With the arrival of technology in the field of car’s automatic transmission, parking brakes have been sidelined and are no longer seen as a necessity. In the automatic transmission, the wheels lock in place wherever you shift into the “Park” mode. This allows for a swift braking system, but car experts have always recommended using parking brakes, sometimes also called as Emergency Brakes or Hand Brakes.

The parking brake helps completely immobilize the parked car, whether it is running or manual or automatic transmission. This system is so important that there are laws in several states that mandate the use of parking brakes whenever it is parked or, at the very least, they are to have the parking brake if not use it.

How the Parking Brake Works?

Automatic transmission uses a pin to lock the transmission into place whenever the car is shifted to the “Park” mode that immobilizes the wheels, disallowing any kind of movement. That pin is called “Parking Pawl”. The pin used to stop the whole vehicle is very small, almost the size of a human pinky finger, so hand brakes are recommended by professionals.

In manual transmission, gear must be shifted into either “first” or “reverse” before parking brakes can be applied. This ensures that the vehicle remains stationary without stressing the transmission too much.

What are the Common Reasons for Parking Brake Malfunction?

What to Expect During Inspection of Faulty Parking Brake?

A highly professional mechanic will visit any place you are and can check your vehicle for any faults. A complete checkup is needed to determine the source and the cause of the problem that why the Parking/Emergency Brake Not Working. In the inspection report afterward, he will list all the problems and their possible fixes.

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Faulty Parking Brake?

For an estimated price of the service on the parking brake, please visit the top of the page and select your car.