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Parking Brake Won’t Hold Inspection


Parking Brake Won't Hold Inspection

Parking brakes are used to hold your car back and ensure it won't slip or roll when you parked the vehicle on an incline. They prevent any redundant wear and tear on your transmission.

When you engage the parking brakes, it ensures that the car won't roll by activating the rear brakes. They work properly even when the car is on a relatively vertical incline. To ensure the safety of the car, the parking brakes must be in working conditions, and they must be able to hold the car.

How parking brakes work?

Different makes and models of the cars have different parking brakes that vary from one automaker to another. There are two types of the drum in each vehicle, one is a built-in drum while the other is primary drum. Some of the cars use an extra set of brake shoes inside a built-in drum on the rear rotors. Some have rear shoes on the primary drum, which work as the parking brake. Whatever their function is, they must be able to hold the car on an incline.

Every vehicle consists of a handle between the front seat and the parking brake pedal under the dash. Cable that runs to the rear of car is stretched whenever you pull up the handle or push the parking brake pedal, engaging the parking brakes.

You will be able to drive by disengaging the pedal or lowering the handle releasing the springs in the rear, returning the brake system to its usual formation. The parking brake system may stop working overtime and through using it less.

What are the common reasons behind the parking brakes not holding?

How much can it cost to repair parking brakes that won't hold?

To get an estimated cost to fix a parking brake that won't hold, please visit the top of the page and select the make and model of your car.