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Parking Brake Not Engaging Inspection


Parking Brake Not Engaging Inspection

While your car is parked uphill, the parking brake makes sure your vehicle does not start rolling downhill. The parking brake is necessary for many situations, such as if your parking garage is steep or while backing down a ramp while unloading from someplace. 

If the parking brake is not working, your car is solely relying on the transmission to hold its place. The "Park" setting in the automatic transmission keeps the vehicle in place even if the parking brake is not engaged. The "Park" setting uses a pin to steady the car, which is the size of a human pinky finger. Parking the car by transmission is never a good idea as it could easily slip and cause some damage and the transmission. 

How the Parking Brake System Works?

Most of the system in the parking brake is very simple to understand. It is nothing more than a cable attached to the handle sitting between the front seats of our car (or in some vehicles), it can be found under the dash. Pulling the parking brake handle pulls the cable, engaging the parking brake assembly while pushing a pair of parking brake shoes within the drums. 

There could be more than one issue with the braking mechanism, most common being the adjustment of brake shoes. But there can be problems with cable or the parking brake handle itself, even if rare. 

What are the Common Reasons for Parking Brake Not Engaging?

How Much Can it Cost to Fix Parking Brake?

A thorough checkup of the entire parking brake system is needed to diagnose the problem, including handle, bell crank, cabling, and the rear's attachment points. After the inspection of the parking brake, the mechanic will provide you a detailed inspection report, including the price quote.