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Parking Brake Light Stays On Inspection


Parking Brake Light Stays On Inspection

The function of the primary braking system in your car is to slow down your car and bringing it to a complete halt, whereas parking brake functions to keep your car in place when it is parked. When you engage the parking brake, you take the load off the transmission, safely avoiding any more damage and making sure that your car does not move when it is parked on an incline.

The parking brake lights should turn on when you use them and should turn off when you stop, but if the parking brake lights stay on, it indicates towards a number of problems in your system.

How the Parking Brake System Works?

The parking brake in your car is a secondary safety system designed to keep your car safe when it is parked on steep slopes or when parked on an incline. The parking brake also takes the unnecessary load off the transmission. The parking brake light works as a multifunctional indicator. These lights turn on when you pull the parking brake to warn you in advance that your brake is engaged when you are going to start the car.

This brake’s function is simple. When you pull the brake handle, a cable in the brake system engages the brake, located at the rear of the vehicle. A switch is responsible for the brake being engaged and turning the parking brake light on located in your dash. This brake also is turned on in several other situations that may or may not have to do with the parking brakes.  


What are the Common Reasons for Parking Brake Light to Stay On?

How Much Can It Cost to Fix the Parking Brake Light?

You can hire our mobile mechanic who can visit your home and give your faulty parking brake light a look. The mechanic cannot provide an overhead as the services can differ according to the problem. But to get an estimate on the price range on this service, please visit the top of the page and select your car.