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Parking Brake is Stuck Inspection


Parking Brake is Stuck Inspection

The parking brake in your car is an extra safety feature to help ensure better safety when your vehicle is parked on a steep slope or somewhere that is not smooth terrain. The parking brake also functions to take the unnecessary strain off the transmission system of your car. If you have an experience of parking your vehicle on a slope and not using the parking brake, you must be familiar with a loud “Thunk” and the lurch when you are about to start your car. 

You can avoid this by simply engaging your parking brake when you park. By doing this, you are not only making your car more safely parked but also saving your car’s transmission system from unnecessary damage. However, if your parking brake is stuck at one point, the brake light in your dashboard will stay on, and you will also damage your brake shoes while driving. 

How the parking brake system works?

The system is as simple as a lever attached to a cable, pulled when the handle beside the driving seat is engaged. The cable is attached to the parking brake handle on one end and to the rear wheels on the other end. Pulling the handle pulls the cable, engaging the Brake as a result. 

Brake is also not a complex system. It’s just a pair of small brake shoes attached inside a drum built in the back rotors of your car. These shoes press against the drum holding the wheel in one place. 

What are the common reasons for stuck parking brake?

What to expect during inspection of stuck parking brake?

Our professional mobile mechanic can come to your home or office and check your parking brake handle, lever, cable, shoes, adjusting screw, and other components for any fault.