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Parking brake or hand brake cable replacement


What is Handbrake/Parking Brake and how it works?

A hand brake also is known as Parking brake, typically takes the form of a manually operated lever and is generally situated on the centre console but can sometimes be placed between the driver's seat and the door.
The handbrake connects the rear rotor pads or brake shoes via a wire and is used to stop the car from going forward or backwards when it is stopped.
You hold the hand grip to apply it, press the button (generally at the end of the handle) and lift the lever. You'll feel pressure when you lift it, as the brakes are applied. When you feel that the brakes apply enough pressure to hold the vehicle, you remove the trigger, and a pawl activates on a ratchet block, locking the lever (and the brakes) in position. To release it, lift the lever marginally to activate the brakes and disengage the lever tooth from the ratchet, push the button and lower the handbrake lever.
When lifting the hand brake, certain drivers do not press the button by doing this brake functions as expected but over time the ratchet teeth can weaken and cause the handbrake and the rear brakes to malfunction, so it's good practice to use the hand brake button when raising the lever.
The hand brake often takes the form of a tiny lever down in the foot well, on a vehicle with a manual gearbox to the left of the clutch, or on an automatic car with the brake pedal.
To apply the brake you push the lever with your foot and unlock it via a dashboard handle. A handbrake that draws up too high before the brakes? The cable may have extended, or damage rear brakes.

Signs of faulty handbrake/parking brake are.

When should you consider replacing handbrake/parking brake cable?

If the parking brake cable breaks or has any issues, the car may be left without this critical safety function. Usually, a bad or damaged parking brake cable can lead to some indications that can alert the driver to a potential problem that should be serviced.
You might not need a new cable when your handbrake stops working as it usually does. Cables may break or move and may need to recalibrate the handbrake in those situations. A simple check could save you out of paying for something you don't need.

Handbrake/Parking brake Replacement Cost?

 Handbrake/parking brake cable replacement cost can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the quality of parts needed to do the job.