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Oil Pressure Light Is On Inspection


Oil Pressure Light Is On Inspection

Of all the things you need to do when you see the oil pressure light is on, the most important is “Stop Driving”. Motor oil is your car's functions to keep the valves of your car’s engine, its pistons, and rods in the perfect working conditions. Without the motor oil, your car can be rendered non-functional in an instant and can turn into a thousand pounds paperweight that needs your attention and a ton of repair work.

So the first thing you need to do when you see this indicator turned on is to pull off to a side and consult a proper mechanic. You should hire an expert mechanic to examine your car fully and diagnose the issue.

In situations like these, just taking the key out of the ignition and stopping your car might save you from any further damage and a hefty payday afterward.

Why my oil light is flickering?

In some instances, you may observe that the low oil pressure light is turning on and off while you are driving. This happens because the light is designed to turn on when the oil pressure drops below 5 – 10 PSI at idle.

At the very least, your engine should have 5 PSI of oil pressure when not moving. If it falls below this, there might be a problem with the oil sensor or the pressure is too low and needs immediate attention.

What are the common reasons for oil pressure light to turn on?

How Much Would It Cost to Fix the Oil Pressure Light?

The price depends on the parts that need replacing or repair work. Our highly qualified mechanic can come to your home can inspect your car, and can prepare a price quote for the services.