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Oil Leaking into Spark Plug Wells Inspection


Oil Leaking into Spark Plug Wells Inspection

If the oil in your car is leaking and falling into the car’s indicator, it is a fair sign of a bigger and more serious oncoming problem that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This problem is caused almost always by a car’s failing gasket or an O-ring, but sometimes failing piston or worn glove guides are the culprit.

The oil making its way inside the spark plugs will adversely affect the engine and its performance. The engine will start misfiring, will start to consume too much oil, and will start to emit blue exhaust. In some cases, there have been reported cases of an engine fire. If you feel any of these symptoms rising in your car, immediately check your car’s spark plugs.

How the spark plugs work?

If your car is facing this problem, two things will be at play i.e., spark plugs and the engine’s lubrication system.

Spark plugs works to ignite the fuel/air mixture inside the combustion chamber. Spark plugs transmit the electrical energy getting ignited in the process. It also functions to pull out heat from the combustion chamber, transferring it to the cooling system.

Meanwhile, engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. These parts are very prone to wear and tear from the constant movement. This lubrication provides them with an extra layer of protection.

What are the common reasons for oil leaking into spark plug well?

How much can it cost to fix oil leaking into spark plug well?

Our expert mobile mechanics can be hired to visit your home or office to inspect your cars. They will thoroughly examine your car for any errors in the system and afterward provide you a complete analysis report that will also include the price of our services.