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Oil/Fluid Leak Inspection


Oil/Fluid Leak Inspection

Seeing a pool of leaked fluid under your car can send you into a frenzy. This worries many experienced people too. While leaking fluid is not a good sign that can be indicating a major problem in your car’s system, it can also be a simple fix. Before assuming the worst-case scenario know what is leaking? What is the cause of the leakage? What is the frequency of the leakage? And many more questions.

What is leaking from my car?

To identify what is leaking from your car, you don’t need an expert or a laboratory analysis of the sample. Just looking at the puddle will give you much-needed information, and you can assess the source from that. Through the liquid’s color, you can identify most of its traits.

Blue: If the color is blue, it’s most likely windshield wiper fluid. Some of the modern Hondas have started using blue coolant.
Clear: Clear fluid can be AC condensation (thin like water) or the brake fluid that is not used much. If the brake fluid is used, it’s darker in color.
Dark Brown: This is most probably brake fluid or motor oil.
Green, Orange, or Yellow: This can be antifreeze or the radiator coolant.
Light Brown: Most probably gear lubricant or newer motor oil. Old transmission fluid turns brown.
Pink or Red: Transmission Fluid or power steering fluid.
Orange: AC condensation, transmission fluid, or antifreeze. All these fluids leave colors when aged.

What are the common reasons for fluid leaks in car?

With the guide above you can have an idea, what kind of fluid is leaking which also will indicate towards the severity of the problem.

Here are some problems related to different fluids leaking.

How much can it cost to fix leakage of oil in cars?

You can hire our experienced mobile mechanic who will visit your home and fix any oil/fluid leakages in your car. The price will be fixed depending upon the nature and extent of the leak in your car.