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Noisy Power Window Inspection


Noisy Power Window Inspection

Most of the modern cars coming into the market today are equipped with power windows. The customers demand these windows to avoid the hassle of rolling them up themselves. But soon, the charm of replacing the manual windows wear off, and we take them for granted unless, of course, they start making unusual noises when in work.

They are right beside your face, and any noises coming from these windows will be heard by anyone sitting in the car cabin, which can be frustrating and can be a cause of embarrassment for the car owner. It’s always unpleasant if any part of your car makes noises, so it’s imperative to get them checked immediately.

But unlike the noises coming from your engine or transmission, the sounds emerging from your power windows are nothing serious.

How the Power Windows Work?

The system that the power windows work under is very simple. Inside the car, the power window is connected to a power window motor. This motor’s prime function is to send power to the window regulator that is carrying the window up and down the track. Each automatically powered in your car has its track, motor, and regulator. Because the power window system is a confined system, any noises coming from the system is because of some malfunction in one or more parts of the same system.

What are the Common Reasons of Noisy Power Windows?

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Noisy Power Windows?

The price of this service "Noisy Power Window Inspection" can only be fixed after our mobile mechanic has examined your car and determined the source and the cause of the problem. Fortunately, this is not a serious issue and can be fixed very cheaply.