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Noise from Engine or Exhaust Inspection


Noise from Engine or Exhaust Inspection

Your engine is designed to make quite a lot of noise. While some of those “noises” can be music to your ears like a finely tuned V-12 engine or the exotic exhaust notes, others are just cries for help. Some car manufacturers go as far as to put speakers under your dash to simulate these beautiful sounds.

The “bad noises” may include the jolt of a backfire, snake-like hisses, clunking or thumping noises, or the continuous tapping sound of a non-functioning lifter.

These noises are the car’s way of telling you that it needs help. There is a repair job almost always attached to these noises.

What are the Common Reasons of Noise from Engine?

Here is a list of some noises and their probable causes.

How Much It Costs to Fix Noises in Engine?

The price of our service "noise from engine or exhaust inspection" can only be fixed after determining the source and the cause of these noises. Our professional mechanic can visit your home and inspect your car. He will discuss the price with you after the thorough inspection of your car’s engine.