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Manual gearbox oil drain & refill



What is Transmission Fluid? 

Transmission Fluid basic function is to provide lubrication to the components of vehicle’s transmission to achieve optimum performance. It also helps cool the parts and transfer power from the engine to the wheels. 
In automatic transmitting vehicles, the transmission system has an oil pan containing the fluid and fluid filter, which provides the force required to shift the gear. If there isn’t fluid, the transmission might start to slip, eventually failing to function properly. 

Meanwhile, in manual transmission, fluid plays no direct part in changing gears, being a mechanical system. If there isn’t enough fluid, transmission might be noisy and internal parts starts to wear off quicker than before, with transmission eventually failing. 

While the fluid’s basic function is to lubricate the parts, it also serves various other functions. 

What are the Main Symptoms Indicating Change of Transmission Fluid?

What are the experts’ recommendations while Replacing Transmission Fluid?

A common practice in changing the transmission fluid is that a car should get its fluid changed after running 40,000 miles. If you ever notice any fluid leakage underneath your vehicle, get it checked right away. Changing the transmission fluid regularly helps greatly extend the life your car/vehicle stays in service. 

What does it cost to get Transmission Fluid Replaced?

The price may vary depending on various factors, including the type of the car you are driving and the repair method and shop you choose. Our mobile mechanics offer reliable and affordable services to change the transmission fluid all over the UK. 

Following are the statistics of Manual gearbox oil drain & refill on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Mazda CX-3 £ 118.89
Mazda 2 £ 84.95
Fiat Doblo Cargo £ 125.88
Audi TT £ 125.89
Toyota AYGO £ 99.50