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Intake manifold pressure (MAP) sensor replacement

What is Manifold pressure (MAP) sensor?

Intake manifold pressure (MAP) sensor also know as manifold temperature sensor is responsible for determining the air temperature and providing this information to the ECU. Air is the most important element in a running engine. Without a flow of clean, fresh air, combustion cannot take place and your engine cannot run. However, it is not enough to ensure that the air flow can reach the intake. The car ECU needs to know a lot of information about the temperature and quality of the air entering the entrance.

The ECU will determine the density of the air and adjust the fuel flow to suit it. Depending on the make and model you vehicle, your may have more than one manifold temperature sensor. Like all other sensors in your car, the manifold temperature sensor is subject to high temperatures and wear. Electrical problems like short circuits and broken wires add to the list of potential problems.

What are the symptoms of faulty manifold pressure sensor?

The manifold pressure sensor is faulty when you see any of the following signs:

What are the recommendations about intake manifold Pressure (MAP) sensor replacement?

Intake manifold pressure (MAP) sensor is subject to considerable extreme temperatures and will eventually fail, without this sensor ECU cannot determine the density of the air entering the intake, resulting in an unbalanced fuel - air mixture. This causes a rich or lean performance, Both circumstances will damage the engine. If you suspect a problem with the collector temperature sensor or feel the symptoms, have one of our specialist mechanics diagnose the sensor.

Can I drive with a faulty intake manifold pressure sensor?

Manifold pressure sensor is essential to the operation of the vehicle. If the Check Engine Light is on or you are having problems related to fuel or acceleration, this may be the cause. Since many other problems have similar symptoms, it is important to work with our expert mechanics to diagnose the actual problem and make any necessary repairs. The MAP sensor is not part of any maintenance inspection and may fail due to damage to the sensor or the wire harness.Therefore its important to find a mechanic and get your car inspected properly if you find any of the above mentioned symptoms in your car.


What is a cost of replacing intake manifold pressure sensor?

The cost of replacing intake manifold pressure sensor depends on the car you driving and the shop you book repair with. Select your car make and model at the top of the page to find out the exact cost of replacing intake manifold pressure sensor on your vehicle.

Following are the statistics of Intake manifold pressure (MAP) sensor replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Vauxhall Astra £ 105.99
Skoda Fabia £ 119.87
Volkswagen Golf £ 122.65