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Malfunctioning Lights (Headlights/Beams/Brakes) Inspection


Malfunctioning Lights (Headlights/Beams/Brakes) Inspection

The headlights and brake lights are the most vital elements in any vehicle. They are imperative for a safe journey. Driving a car with faulty lights is illegal, and the driver could get penalty points on the license with a fine if he gets caught by police. Any problem with a car's light system can be as simple as a blown little bulb and, on the other hand, a more complicated one like a malfunctioning socket in the car's hood. 

Be as it may, for any reason, if the lights of your car are not functioning correctly, it can lead the driver into various dangerous driving situations. While on the road, clear visibility is the most important thing for any driver. 

Soon as you find any fault in the lights of your vehicle, get an appointment with your mechanic, and sort out the problem. 

How does the light system work in a car?


There are various types of headlight systems in a car with a simple purpose "light up the road ahead." 

In a standard halogen system, the headlight housing is where the headlight bulb is. The insides of it are covered with chrome paint to reflect the light downwards on the road. There is also a chrome piece covering the bulb that prevents the light from falling straight into the on comers' eyes. This system uses a halogen bulb. 

Brake Lights

When you put your foot on the brake pedal, the brake lights illuminate, allowing the other road users to understand that the vehicle ahead of them is slowing down. When the pedal is pressed, it closes a switch sending the power to the bulbs lighting them up. 

What are the common reasons for malfunctioning lights?

Brake Light


How much will it cost to get lights fixed?

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