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Loose Steering Wheel Inspection


Loose Steering Wheel Inspection

Every part of a vehicle is contributing in some way to you reaching your destination safely. Imagine a car where suddenly the steering wheel stop functioning! A horrific picture. The steering wheel is an important feature of our car, without which it’s impossible to drive. A loose steering prevents the driver from knowing exactly how much or which way the wheels are turning when the steering wheel is moved, which makes it very dangerous as 100% accuracy is needed on the road.

A steering wheel setup where the driver is able to move the wheel one or two inches without moving the tires is too loose and needs immediate attention. And when it’s too loose the driver is not aware of the exact position of the car’s front wheels. This lack of responsiveness is extremely dangerous on busy roads or a road with sharp turns.

How the steering wheel system works?

Most of the new vehicles use two different systems in their steering wheel setup to control the movement of the vehicle.

Rack and pinion steering setup is used in the cars, smaller trucks, and SUVs while the recirculating ball setup is used in large SUVs and bigger trucks. The differences and similarities in the two systems begin to show themselves when any of the components among the system fails, causing the loose movement of the wheel.

What are the common reasons for steering wheel to be loose?

What to expect during inspection of faulty steering wheel?

An expert mobile mechanic will inspect your steering setup for any errors. He will prepare a detailed inspection report for you after the inspection, including all the details about the faults in the steering and their possible solutions.

What can it cost to fix loose steering wheel?

An overhead cannot be provided by our mechanic before the inspection, as there can be a number of faults that you do not know about. He will prepare a price quote after he is done inspecting your car.