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License Plate Light Replacement


What is a License Plate light for?

License plate lights are little bulbs over or below your front and rear number plates illuminating them. There are two bulbs in some cars, while some only have one. 

Typically, these bulbs have been incandescent, i.e., lit by heating up the filament. These bulbs are cheap and work to provide good clean light on the number plates. However, these little bulbs can die out quickly and are quite inefficient, losing up their 90% power while providing light by heat. 

Experts have always recommended LEDs or light-emitting diodes that provide the safe, clean light for a night time drive. An LED consists of transistors which emits light when current passes through them. LEDs are extremely resilient to vibrations, have a longer life span, they also light up much quicker than traditional incandescent bulbs, are smaller in size, do not produce extra heat, and also provide much more light than the other bulbs per supplied watt. The LED bulbs are considerably more efficient than incandescent bulbs but also are more expensive than them. 

What to Keep in Mind While Inspecting License Plate Lights?

What are Our Recommendations While Replacing License Plate Lights?

What are the Common Symptoms of Faulty License Plate Lights?

What is the Price of Replacing License Plate Lights?

 Traditional incandescent bulbs are inexpensive but are also faulty. LED bulbs are a little more costly but works more efficiently. Your mechanic can confirm the price after the inspection