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Leakage from Valve Cover Gasket Inspection


Leakage from Valve Cover Gasket Inspection

A cover top is typically made from cork or rubber, which basically functions to seal the gap between valve cover and the top of your car’s engine. Its basic function is to stop the oil from spilling by preventing it from coming out of the engine. Over time, the gaskets can break down due to excessive heat from the engine. This breakage often causes leakages from the engine.

How the Valve Cover Gasket Works?

In the cars’ engines, the engine valve cover is the topmost part and is often labeled with the name of the car manufacturing company or has the details about the size of the engine of the car. The valve cover gasket is used in the car’s engine because the metal of the valve cover does not have the potential to seal tightly enough against the metal preset on the top of the engine.

The rubber or cork material, which the valve cover gasket is made of, makes sure that the sealing is good, and it also helps to prevent the oil from spilling and coming on the top of the engine.

The valve cover gaskets are not designed to last the life of a vehicle and can wear and tear in the tremendous amount of heat the engine produces. These gaskets should be monitored every time you take your car to the mechanic. Checking for any spilling oil around this valve cover is very important in cars with four-cylinder engines because there is a high probability that the oil could spill into the spark plugs causing misfiring in the engine.

What are the Common Reasons of Faulty Valve Cover Gasket?

How Much It Costs to Fix Faulty Valve Cover Gasket?

You can hire a professional mechanic from our website who can come to your home and fix your car. The price can be fixed after the mechanic has done his inspection.