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Lambda (Oxygen) Sensor Replacement

What is the Oxygen Sensor and how it works?

The oxygen sensor also know as lambda sensor is located under the hood and is attached to exhaust pipe of the engine. Most engines have two lambda sensors attached to the exhaust pipe one of which is located before the catalytic converter and another is located after the catalytic converter. The first lambda (upstream) sensor which is located before the catalytic converter measures the content of oxygen in the exhaust system when it leaves the combustion chamber before entering into the exhaust manifold. Lambda sensor bank one sensor one configures how rich (low in oxygen content) or lean (high in oxygen content) the exhaust gases are as the gases exit the combustion chamber.

Most of the car engine's are equipped with two oxygen sensors but new models coming in the market now a days comes with more than two oxygen sensors to meet the low emission standards.

The rear (downstream) lambda sensor located after the catalytic converter monitors the exhaust gases and measures the content of oxygen in it after it leaves the catalytic converter before entering in to the atmosphere. The car fails its emission test if one are more of the lambda sensor are faulty, it also reduces the fuel efficiency of the engine

What are the symptoms of faulty Oxygen Sensor?


Can i drive with a faulty or failed oxygen sensor?

Yes. Driving a car with a faulty or failed oxygen (lambda) sensor won't stop the engine from running, the only problem caused by a faulty oxygen sensor is bad air & fuel mixture, so if you drive a car with a faulty oxygen sensor your car fuel economy would be compromised, Continuous driving with the faulty oxygen sensor for long time could cause damage to the car catalytic converter and the car emission test will fail when your car goes for an MOT.

Therefore it is recommended that you get your car checked by a professional mechanic and replace the faulty oxygen sensor soon as possible in order to stop causing further damage to other parts of the engine.

What is a cost of replacing lambda (oxygen ) sensor?

The cost of replacing oxygen sensor depends on the make, model, part quality and labour time to do the job. Most cars have 2 oxygen sensors in the exhaust system, one is before catalytic converter and other one is after catalytic converter. Typically the replacement cost of oxygen sensor is between £128.98 to £350. To find out the exact cost of lambda sensor replacement on your car, please select the make and model at the top of the page.

Following are the statistics of Lambda (Oxygen) Sensor Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Seat IBIZA £ 163.88
Vauxhall Corsavan £ 148.90
Toyota PRIUS £ 148.44
Bmw 1 Series £ 162.99
Fiat Punto £ 141.32